Princess Miki – Just Imagine, Cuck
Princess Miki – Just Imagine, Cuck

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I’m going to describe a romantic, st34my little story involving Me and you, and you’re going to try your hardest to place yourself in the story I’m describing. You’ll struggle to successfully even imagine yourself as the male protagonist in My little romance story, and that is exactly the point.

Now, I’ll retell another version of this very story – a more realistic one – involving three characters, now. Me, My boyfriend, and you, cucky. You’ll realize how much easier it is to vividly picture the more humiliating side of a similar tale, and how much harder your cucky little cock gets with this version.

I’ll describe to you all the things you could do if you were our little cuck on vacation with us, and all the treats we would have in store for you.

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