Lady Natt – Sniff my little Bitch
Lady Natt – Sniff my little Bitch

Mind Fuck, Mesmerize, mind control, hypnotism, brainwash, brainwashing, Lady Natt, Hypnotic, Mental, mesmerizing,

Are you really ready for this? Are you prepared for what may lie ahead? Have you accepted that you won’t make it through this whole clip and that you will be on the floor and totally fucked up by me?

I’m going to control everything about you today, even down to your breathing. You will be inhaling copious amounts of strong Nitrates, you will pushing yourself further than you ever have before and every time I instruct you to hit that bottle you will reply ‘yes’ and get to it.
You won’t wimp out, you won’t throw the towel in. You will be under my strict supervision. You’re nose will bl33d, your vision will become blurry, you will become unstable on your feet and you will love every single moment.
Get ready for this. Mentally prepare yourself to be fucked up as physically you have no chance in hell of surviving. If you do, then you didn’t inhale properly.

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