Missy Can`t Fit into Her Old Clothes

Missy Can`t Fit into Her Old Clothes


Now that she`s 33 weeks pregnant and just about ready to pop, beautiful young Missy is curious if any of her old clothes still fit. Her body`s changed so drastically in recent months, and digging through her dresser is a great way to see just how much it has! She tries on a button-up shirt that used to be a favorite of hers, but it barely fits over her giant belly now. Next she struggles to squeeze into an old pair of jeans but there`s no way she can zip them up, let alone button them. She`s quickly realizing just how big she`s gotten as she attempts to fit into more of her old wardrobe. She manages to find a few things that will stretch over her big belly and full tits, but most of the clothes are a lost cause for the time being. She finally gives up, strips naked, and takes a seat atop her dresser to rub her bare body. The look of defeat on her face suggests that she`s ready for the baby to come so she can finally return to her normal petite size!

Name: Misy-07-1280
Duration: 00:11:20
Size: 254.38 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Frame Rate: 25.000 fps
Audio Codec: AAC

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