Bratty Bunny – Love Addicted Loser For Bunny
Bratty Bunny – Love Addicted Loser For Bunny

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You’re a loser for me. You’re addicted to me. You want to get fucked up for me and worship me for hours on end. I’m not going to stop you. I’m going to mind fuck you into doing it more. You’re a loser, you have nothing better to do. You don’t need to do anything else. You’ve become completely obsessed with me. Some say it’s not healthy, but not me. I want you to think of me, nothing but me, forever Bunny. I’ll degrade you and you get turned on for my verbal lashing. You want to see my hot lips tell you off. Tell you what to do with your dick, with your mind. I’ll take complete control. Losers don’t get a choice anyway. I’ll take over that silly little mind of yours. Go ahead and have your favorite vice ready before this clip. Get fucked up for me. Get weaker for me. Now, when you’re nice and silly for me. I’m going to make you do some sexy things. Like try out a butt plug, and wear some girlie clothes. Just cause I can make your stupid loser ass do anything I want. It’s so much fun being me.

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