Goddess Rodea – One Year Chastity

Goddess Rodea – One Year Chastity

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Well, Let me tell you a story about one wanna be chastity slave and I want you to see if you can appreciate what being locked up for one year in chastity by me might be like. He sent me an email telling me that 152 days in chastity was his personal best. Well I knew this slave didnt realize how I really didnt care if he ever had another orgasm in his life but I told him that I would help him out a little and keep him in chastity for one whole year. I made sure he had a steel cage that was tight and wouldnt slip off and made him report with spot checking photos at a moments notice. After the year is up I have this Fucktard fly to my location and jerk for me on his knees. I made sure he didnt have the satisfaction of even seeing my feet. I wore the tallest thigh high boots I had. I told him that he is nothing but a worm boy and a Stupid Ignorant Slut for thinking that one year was long enough. I wanted this Fucktard to have the last cum of his life on my red kinky boots like a worm. Then I made him slurp it all up, haha! I acted shocked and said wow, you just ate cum I guess stupid ignorant sluts like you should never be allowed to cum again! So, back in your cage, FOREVER!

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